Spotting Good Science Journalism
By Malika Kumar and Chantle Edillor It can be difficult to know how much truth there is to the Malika Kumar our checklist! The more you can check off as you read, the more likely it is that you've found quality science journalism. Original infographic by Malika Kumar
Signal to Noise Video: #MySciFact
Signal to Noise makes their first foray into video production! Meet some of the staff, and then join us - Share your favorite science fact on Twitter with #MySciFact. Credits: Video production by Jeff Maloy Science Facts by Nisar Farhat, Amanda Freise, Sean Faulk, Stephanie DeMarco, Malika Kumar, and Chantle Edillor Music by Chris Zabriskie
The Facts about Zika
Malika Kumar With the Olympics set to begin on Friday, all eyes are on Brazil's ongoing Zika virus outbreak. But what is Zika virus, and how worried should we be? Here's what you need to know: ORIGINAL INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY MALIKA KUMAR, NISAR FARHAT, AND JEFF MALOY.
Spooky Locations with Explanations
Malika Kumar Take a tour around some of the world's spookiest places - but don't worry, there's a scientific explanation for each of them!   Infographic by: Malika Kumar, Art and Design Editor, Signal to Noise Magazine Nisar Farhat, CFO, Signal to Noise Magazine Image Attributions: “Darvasa gas crater panorama” by Tormod Sandtorv is licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic “Socotra dragon tree” by Boris Khvostichenko is licensed
If Your Heart Could Speak
Malika Kumar Artist: Malika Kumar, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Department of Human Genetics An EKG
Zombie Genes: New Evidence Points to Genetic Life After Death
Malika Kumar modified by Malika Kumar. What does it mean to die? The exact nature and definition of death has been a
Cadaver Exome Sequencing Brings Modern Medicine to Anatomy 101
. - Malika Kumar (@malika_kumar) Art and Design Editor, Signal to Noise Magazine PhD Student, Human Malika Kumar
Malika Kumar
Malika Kumar
Recalibrating Your Internal Metronome, With a Little Imagination
Malika Kumar of the study completed both conditions. Figure design by Malika Kumar. Beta-ERD graphs are
Chantle Edillor Sean Faulk Amanda Freise Laura Haney Malika Kumar Jennifer Lovick Jeff Maloy
December 2016: Red-Green Heatmap
Malika Kumar
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